Beauty in architecture is more than a compositional design paragon of materials and building systems. It is the expression of these materials and building systems used to communicate something greater. Architecture is a narration of people, places, and times; a narration of our inspirations and aspirations.

Each design is unique, and the uniqueness of its narrative is revealed through the experience of seeing, hearing, and touching the built environment. The foundation of DEP’s design narratives are formed by four elements:

Client Goals

Design begins and ends with the client. The client’s project goals are the first priority of every design solution. Beautiful design is a successful narrative of the client’s goals: aesthetic, budgetary, programmatic and environmental.


Each site has its own fabric: its own environment, uniqueness, personality and spirit. Successful design is cognizant of the site’s fabric, and responds to it in a manner that furthers the value of the project.


A line drawn, a joint articulated, a shade of light rendered; every building system constructed is a tectonic opportunity. Beautiful design possesses solutions that reflect a sophisticated level of technical understanding, thoughtfulness and elegance that are appropriate for the project.


It’s the big concept that gives greater meaning to the project, beyond the pragmatic expectations. It provides singular clarity and vision to the design solution and ties together various project goals to create a symphonic whole.